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Dryer Vent Cleaning in New York City

Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Premier Cleaning has a very strict policy on transparency and values honest business practices. For this reason we provide our clients with a very clear price for our service. A reputable dryer vent cleaning service can cost anywhere from $125 to $275. Here’s a list of the major contributing factors that will help determine the price of service.
  • Length of dryer vent (5ft to 10ft standard size)
  • Accessibility and access to dryer vent (Many times its very difficult for technicians access to dryer vent which could result in prices changes)
  • Type of dryer (The two main types of dryers are stacked dryer/washers and independent dryers) 
  • The need for additional services like birdcage installment and flex hose replacement could end up driving the cost up as well.

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Fire prevention is only one of the many benefits to getting your dryer vents cleaned. Many of our clients are Laundromats and hotels, which have larger commercial sized ducts. Routine cleaning greatly increase efficiency of dryers and reduce utility bills. Homeowners can also enjoy reduced repair cost due to proper maintenance of dryer machines.
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